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Nemierīgie Prāti / Trobuled Minds
Drama, Comedy 107'

Brothers Robert and Martin are a month away from their largest art exhibition. To get creative juices flowing, Martin locks himself in a black cube. The film examines the thin line between the artist's creativity and mental troubles.

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Baltu Ciltis / Baltic Tribes
Popular scientific / drama documentary, 90'

It is a story-driven documentary where the main protagonist- a merchant from Denmark - makes a journey across the various territories inhabited by so called last pagans of Europe – the Baltic tribes. The story takes place in the time when Christianity has reached also the furthest points of Europe, a time of the Northern crusade of the Eastern Baltic Sea area. 


Revolūcija / Revolūcija
Comedy, 72' 

The leading tandem of the city's Small Theater, Ivars and Armands, is working on the new production for the seaso.  A week before the premiere, Armands, a favorite of audiences and critics, receives a tempting offer to pursue a career at the Big Theater. Betrayed by his best friend and colleague, Ivars gradually loses touch with reality, bringing his decisions closer to catastrophe.



Pilnmēness Serenāde / Full Moon Serenade
Short documentary, 26' 

While the mythical full moon illuminates the night streets of Riga, behind the "all-seeing eye" of municipal surveillance cameras, someone is constantly observing the city. This short film will offer a unique opportunity to visit the other side of the surveillance and experience the unusual events of Riga's full moon nightlife. It is a tribute or a serenade to the nocturnal city and citizens of the night.

Best Short documentary, National film award 
"Lielais Kristaps". Riga, Latvia. 04.02.2024


Short documentary, 26' 

People’s habits, needs and dreams are captured and reflected in the form of short, kaleidoscopic series. The film asks how much the sea is needed to meet our primary needs, and how important is it for our spirit.



Pārgājiens'44 / The Hike'44
Short documentary, 26'
Melita, at age 89, re-travels the path of her WW2 refugees in 1944, when she was just 14. Her family had to leave their home and look for shelter, meet strangers and sleep overnight under a spruce tree to finally find shelter and warm hearts. A journey through memories and present-day Latvia until a series of events takes Melita to what she has been trying to accomplish for 74 years. 


Melnsila stāsts / The Blackwood story

Short, 30'

Deep in the forests of Courland two loggers encounter a stone circle, an ill omen also known as a ‘Devil’s boat.’ Neither is prepared for what is about to follow.

Kurši / The Curonians
Short documentary, 26'

One of the ancient Baltic tribes that later formed the Latvian and Lithuanian nations. What historic evidence has this enigmatic tribe left us about themselves and what do we know about them?

Best Short documentary, National film award
"Lielais Kristaps". Riga, Latvia. 25.10.2015


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