The Last Pagans / Baltic Tribes

Popular scientific / drama documentary, 90'

It is a story-driven documentary where the main protagonist- a merchant from Denmark - makes a journey across the various territories inhabited by so called last pagans of Europe – the Baltic tribes. The story takes place in the time when Christianity has reached also the furthest points of Europe, a time of the Northern crusade of the Eastern Baltic Sea area. 

Trobuled Minds

Proof of Concept / feature film project

The film tells the story of a relationship between two brothers, which escalates when the brothers decide to “do something significant” with their lives. The bohemian lifestyle and artistic provocativeness of the main characters is suddenly confronted, taking them into events, which lead to one of the brothers losing his freedom, and the other – his mind.

Melnsila stāsts / The Blackwood story

Short, 30'

Deep in the forests of Courland two loggers encounter a stone circle, an ill omen also known as a ‘Devil’s boat.’ Neither is prepared for what is about to follow.

Kurši / The Curonians

Short documentary, 26'

One of the ancient Baltic tribes that later formed the Latvian and Lithuanian nations. What historic evidence has this enigmatic tribe left us about themselves and what do we know about them?

Best Short documentary, National film award

"Lielais Kristaps". Riga, Latvia. 25.10.2015